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Infoservers in Latvia


Exchange rates in the Bank of Latvia
News in Latvian "S'aja's Diena's"
Music Charts All Over the World
Latvian airplay charts
Latvian Rock News (in Latvian)
Archives of San Jose Sharks newsgroup
University of Latvia
Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies
Directory of Higher Education Institutions in the Baltics - very comprehensive information about 54 Higher Education Institutions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
LANET - Information about Latvian Academic Network
CUSI - Interface for searching of WWW resources (includes Yahoo, WebCrawler, InfoSeek Demo e.t.c.)
ArchiePlex - archie gateway for WWW
Atis Kluss - Home page
Janis Judrups - Home Page

Saeima (Parliament) of the Republic of Latvia Now information is available only in Latvian.
LATNET: English / Latvian
LATNET information
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Lattelekom information
DekSoft solutions
Farmserviss LTD
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hotel "Ridzene"
Krauklitis Ltd.
WWW resurspunkta izveide (in Latvian)

Macintosh Study Center
Riga Macintosh User Group

Daugavpils Pedagogical University
Riga Technical University
Information Technology Institute
Latvia - transit country
List of airlines at "Riga" airport (april '95)
Addresses of embassies, companies e.t.c.

Ministry of Interior Affairs of Latvia
Firefighting and Rescue Department
Bus and train schedules Riga-Imanta-Jurmala

Latvian Academic Library: English / Latvian
Latvia OnLine (VERnet): English / Russian
Latvia in general
Information for travellers (hotels, museums, events, major cities, banks e.t.c.)
Volodymyr Metenchuk - home page

Iva's home page
Network providers in Latvia
Hotel "RIGA"

Latvian regional newsgroups
Ilya Y. Ketris - home page

Software House Riga - 1
Software House Riga - 2
Latvian Legislation Document Database
(in Latvian)
SWH Technology Info System
Yury Onischuck - home page

Raimonds Simanovskis - home page

The Web Of The Virtual Rings
ALISE - advanced library information service
Jurgis Kirsakmens - home page
Radomirs Cirskis - home page
Andrejs Ilicuks - home page

Institute of Solid State Physics
Institute of Polymer Mechanics

Citizenship and Immigration Department
Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Oleg Fominoff - home page
Latvian soccer championship

Investment Bank of Latvia
Riga State Technical School

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