Brivibas iela 70-5
Riga LV-1050, LATVIA
Telephone: 371-2-270797

Date of creation: 1990.


Regions: Latvia. Methods/objectives: good qualitiy audio and video field recordings of the surviving vocal and instrumental music traditions; interviews, documentation. Notation of the recorded vocal and instrumental music. Edition of the audio and video tapes. Researchers: Maris Jansons (Collection and systematization of Latvian traditional music, Latvian musical instruments, surviving musical traditions); Sniedze Grinberga (Latvian traditional dance).


Musical instruments: an exposition of Latvian traditional instruments: originals and copies; the exposition serves as a catalogue for making new instruments.

Audio and video archives: audio tapes (about 200 h) - field recordings of vocal and instrumental music, interviews with

folk musicians, concerts of folklore ensembles. Regions: Latvia.

Classification/documentation: complementary.

Publications prepared by the institution

Audio cassettes of Latvian traditional vocal and instrumental music, a documentary film about folk musicians.


Courses: courses and workshops of traditional instruments, their making and playing, for general school teachers and others. Short-term Latvian traditional dance courses.


Radio/TV: weekly radio broadcasts, TV - occasionally. Concerts/festivals: occasional concerts, festival of Latvian instrumental music.

Text by Valdis Muktupavels: