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Since April (partly since March), 2002 all entries made by robot are excluded from statistics due to total lack of logic for indexing of our sites and enormous amount of hits.

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Huge Large Sum. Huge Large Sum. Huge Large Sum. Huge Large Sum. Huge Large Sum. Huge Large Sum. Huge Large Sum.
Dec 2006 2.0M1.1M 9K 422K 99K10K 3.8M157K10K 2.0M574K10K 408K 89K10K 72K 7K 9K
Nov 2006 2.1M1.1M 9K 403K 49K10K 4.2M192K10K 2.1M585K10K 349K 72K10K 28K 7K 9K
Oct 2006 2.3M1.1M 9K 466K 89K10K 7.0M287K10K 2.1M572K10K 362K 61K10K 65K 7K 9K
Sep 2006 2.1M1.1M 9K 449K 69K10K 7.2M181K10K 1.9M556K10K 363K 62K10K 74K 6K 8K
Aug 2006 2.1M1.1M 9K 428K 48K10K 3.0M129K10K 1.9M528K 9K 333K 48K10K 38K 6K 8K
Jul 2006 2.1M1.1M9K 420K 92K10K 4.7M230K10K 1.9M559K 9K 327K 43K9K 100K 6K8K
Jun 2006 2.1M1.2M9K 480K 68K10K 4.8M323K10K 2.2M580K 9K 253K 39K10K 36K 6K9K
May 2006 2.2M1.2M9K 488K132K10K 4.7M398K10K 2.4M757K10K 205K 41K10K 23K 6K8K
Apr 2006 2.3M1.2M9K 495K135K10K 4.2M297K10K 2.0M630K9K 229K 42K10K 26K 6K9K
Mar 2006 2.4M1.3M9K 484K136K10K 5.4M651K10K 2.0M728K9K 226K 34K10K 29K 7K9K
Feb 2006 2.2M1.1M9K 534K133K10K 4.4M212K10K 1.8M536K9K 210K 33K10K 29K 6K9K
Jan 2006 2.2M1.2M10K 691K284K10K 5.9M462K10K 1.9M581K9K 492K 77K10K 39K 7K9K
Dec 2005 2.2M1.1M10K 712K348K10K 6.8M853K10K 1.7M532K9K 834K 56K9K 31K 7K9K
Nov 2005 3.2M1.1M9K 704K301K10K 7.5M533K10K 1.8M570K9K 296K 27K9K 33K 6K8K
Oct 2005 2.5M1.1M9K 669K311K10K 8.3M436K10K 1.7M534K9K 366K 32K10K 57K 7K9K
Sep 2005 2.2M1.0M9K 682K250K10K 5.4M438K10K 1.8M528K9K 490K 44K10K 70K 7K9K
Aug 2005 2.2M1.0M9K 663K278K10K 6.3M593K10K 1.6M461K9K 385K 79K10K 277K 9K9K
Jul 2005 2.3M836K9K 633K230K10K 5.6M443K10K 1.4M417K9K 1.7M 78K10K 244K 12K8K
Jun 2005 2.0M947K9K 643K186K10K 6.3M838K11K ????????? 1.8M165K10K 163K 12K9K
May 2005 ????????? ????????? ????????? ????????? ????????? ?????????
Apr 2005 1.9M915K9K 671K240K10K 4.7M458K11K 2.1M1.1M10K 2.4M386K10K 292K 24K9K
Mar 2005 2.1M883K9K 702K202K10K 6.5M551K10K 2.1M1.1M9K 2.3M521K10K 326K 41K9K
Feb 2005 1.9M1.0M10K 674K268K10K 8.6M546K10K 1.6M514K9K 2.5M503K10K 419K 26K9K
Jan 2005 2.0M1.0M9K 659K274K10K 7.0M646K10K 1.6M503K9K 2.1M515K10K 356K 40K8K
Dec 2004 1.9M946K9K 602K175K10K 4.8M519K10K 1.5M493K9K 2.1M463K10K 358K 36K9K
Nov 2004 2.0M853K10K 606K211K10K 5.1M468K10K 1.4M466K9K 2.2M543K10K 244K 18K8K
Oct 2004 2.0M866K10K 591K205K10K 4.5M415K10K 1.4M447K9K 1.9M459K10K 327K 28K8K
Sep 2004 1.9M773K9K 623K258K10K 5.4M648K10K 1.5M483K9K 1.9M869K9K 2.1M460K10K 310K 39K9K
Aug 2004 1.8M853K9K 576K194K10K 3.8M839K10K 1.5M458K10K 2.0M810K9K 1.6M410K10K 360K 31K9K
Jul 2004 1.7M609K9K 578K 94K10K 4.5M449K10K 1.5M429K9K 1.8M647K9K 1.7M412K10K 220K 22K8K
Jun 2004 1.7M731K9K 502K119K10K 3.6M342K10K 1.8M515K10K 1.7M647K9K 1.9M502K10K 454K 33K9K
May 2004 1.8M690K9K 504K 78K10K 3.5M474K10K 1.6M480K9K 1.5M611K9K 1.7M467K10K 196K 23K9K
Apr 2004 1.8M723K9K 596K 86K10K 3.3M246K10K 1.6M494K9K 1.6M636K9K 1.7M427K10K 217K 19K8K
Mar 2004 2.0M724K9K 620K 98K10K 3.2M265K10K 1.6M494K9K 1.6M686K9K 1.5M332K10K 199K 19K9K
Feb 2004 1.7M613K9K 595K 86K10K 3.7M170K10K 1.5M501K9K 1.7M597K9K 1.3M288K10K 215K 20K9K
Jan 2004 1.3M822K10K 633K 93K10K 4.2M246K10K 1.5M551K10K 1.7M997K9K 1.5M273K9K 245K 21K9K

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